Rip Curl Watches – Mens Search GPS

Rip Curl Mens Search GPS Watch

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.07.53 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.08.11 PM

I love this watch! It is perfect for knowing the tide when I want to go fishing or surfing. Setting the time is a little tricky. You need to hold down the mode/set button for 2 seconds while the time is displayed and the tide display shows the arrow. Do not try holding the mode button if the menu pops up. That was the mistake I made several times. The nearest beach to me that the watch offers for tide in the settings, has a minute difference from where I live. Other than that, the watch looks and feels great on my wrist! – I debated whether this watch was worth the money, mainly not because of the feature set, but just if it’s worth $300 to know when/where/how long you surf. It’s probably a pretty small niche group of people that really want to track this data, but as an engineer and someone who’s in the water kiteboarding/surfing 150 days a year, it’s a nice tool. I like knowing time on the water plus wave lengths, speed (especially when kiteboarding), and distance travelled. It’s also a very functional tide watch. I’ve only had one issue with the bluetooth sync, but it has not happened again since I updated the firmware by syncing it via USB. – My friend and I have this watch. It’s great, you can really quantify and see your surf sessions as well as the kind of numbers the rip curl pro surfers are posting. Definitely a motivator and just a really cool gadget to have. I’ve had it for maybe a year now and I’m super happy with it, if I were to nitpick I wish the app synced with my android phone but it’s okay I just use the cable. Also if you get one of these make sure to start the GPS searching before you get in the water. Awesome product, get it, especially if you love to surf. – Great product, tough and well built with quality materials. I liked the feel of the rubber which increases grip and makes it very comfortable to wear. I regret the lack of a heart rate monitor and step counter which would make it even more fun! Awesome app goes with it to monitor your surfs. The display is OK, my only criticism would be battery life. First day, with a charged watch I surfed 2hrs and wore the watch all day, all night, went surfing next day it crapped out after 40mins. Needs a daily charge if you’re going surfing and running the GPS. Hold charge much, much longer on watch mode alone.RIP-CURL-SEARCH-GPS-SURF-WATCH-02


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