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An amazing surfer watch. Great quality, form and function. It’s a little large. The band is a little longer than I like (7.25″ wrist) – but it is designed to accommodate a wetsuit.
“It’s a keeper.”

“I’ve owned dozens of Casio’s tide watches, ranging from the most basic G-Shocks to the $1000+ MT-G G-Shock as well as Triple Sensor Pro Treks and basic retro digitals. And this model is my favorite.

The new Frogman combines the best feature of all of the above in a very attractive, highly durable and relatively affordable package. This newer version Frogman is also Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 atomic synched, plus it offers the basic stopwatch, timer, alarm, moon and tide features and an ISO-rated 200 meter professional diver rating.

Combined, these attributes create the perfect sport watch, in my opinion. The only qualification I’ll make is that the GWF-1000-1JF is LARGE. So if you have wrists smaller than about 7.5 inches, this may be too much for you. Mine are 7.75 and I feel like it’s about as large as I can reasonably wear. It’s not so much the weight or case diameter, but more the vertical lug to lug dimension that limits its fit for smaller wrists. And the height is pretty substantial at 18mm. So keep that in mind.

Above all, if you can manage the size, this model will serve you well. I’ve only had mine a while, but I think it will likely serve me well for years and years.


Rip Curl Mens Search GPS


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My friend and I have this watch. It’s great, you can really quantify and see your surf sessions as well as the kind of numbers the rip curl pro surfers are posting. Definitely a motivator and just a really cool gadget to have. I’ve had it for maybe a year now and I’m super happy with it, if I were to nitpick I wish the app synced with my android phone but it’s okay I just use the cable. Also if you get one of these make sure to start the GPS searching before you get in the water. Awesome product, get it, especially if you love to surf.”

“I debated whether this surfer watch was worth the money, mainly not because of the feature set, but just if it’s worth $300 to know when/where/how long you surf. It’s probably a pretty small niche group of people that really want to track this data, but as an engineer and someone who’s in the water kiteboarding/surfing 150 days a year, it’s a nice tool. I like knowing time on the water plus wave lengths, speed (especially when kiteboarding), and distance travelled.

It’s also a very functional and the best tide watch. I’ve only had one issue with the bluetooth sync, but it has not happened again since I updated the firmware by syncing it via USB.

-Rip Curl Watches

Nixon Ultratide Watch


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Nixon Tide Watch


Everything is great about this watch except for the fact that it is not compatible with androids so my husband has to link with my phone. Little inconvenient but not a deal breaker because we are together most of the time. If you don’t have access to an iPhone don’t order this watch. I wish I knew that before I ordered. Best Surfer Watch

Love it, only issue is the light isn’t as bright as I’d like at night, but since I’m only in the water with it, it’s fine

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I love this watch! It is perfect for knowing the tide when I want to go fishing or surfing. Setting the time is a little tricky. You need to hold down the mode/set button for 2 seconds while the time is displayed and the tide display shows the arrow. Do not try holding the mode button if the menu pops up. That was the mistake I made several times. (See picture. Hold mode/set button for 2 seconds when screen looks like picture). The nearest beach to me that the watch offers for tide in the settings, has a ten minute difference from where I live. Other than that, the watch looks and feels great on my wrist!

Very sharp and I get mad compliments

I got this as a gift for my husband. He wanted a Shark watch, but I have purchased those for him before and was not that impressed. He loves this one. He likes the style, the tide function, it was easy to set, has held up after multiple surf sessions, and is comfortable.

Nixon Mission Smartwatch


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First and foremost the looks of the watch are top notch. Better and more Rugged that probably any other smart watch. It is a big watch, very and military-esqe feeling. Very comparable in size and weight to the Garmin, but much bigger than traditional watches. The screen is very nice when used indoors, but is difficult to see in the direct sun light however you are able to give the screen a quick brightness burst with 3 short presses of the main button, but even with this it is still more difficult to see than the Fenix 3. Battery life is as reported about 1 full day. I normally have location services off to preserve battery and from 7 am to 9 pm it usually has about 35% to 40% remaining. With this watch you can order different color bands, however you cannot order different color Bezels as according to Nixon they are part of the GPS antenna. You can choose your Bezel color upfront if you customize, but again, cannot change it after than time. The 100 M rating for water resistance appears nice, but I have not been able to really put that to the test.

Finally the Nixon watch faces are very very cool, one of the things that really drew me to this watch. With each of the watch faces you can customize some data displayed and the colors or the hands, numbers, etc. However there are some that require an Android phone and will not show you the data when synced to an iOS device. One down side is that you cannot get to google play to download any other watch face (or apps for that matter) although I should note that is supposed to change with Android Wear 2.0. With this watch connected to iOS you get NO option to use WIFI (unless an update is pushed out). One final thing is as it stands now you also cannot load any music onto the watch and therefore the ability to pair to the watch directly to BT headphones is not available either. I am hoping with Android Wear 2.0 this will be possible. Running iOS with this watch it is very limited in use, but for Nixon and iPhone die hards it is liveable, especially with Android Wear 2.0 that should allow the watch to access the google play store from Wi-Fi.
Other Basic Features: stopwatch, agenda, timer, weather all work well.

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